Watching Airplanes!!!!

Hair<[LeLutka]-ELLIE hair - BlondeFadeRoots (o)(o)

Earrings<...::: Scrub :::... 3 stupid Earrings SX-Hunt Gift

Nails<...:::Scrub:::... Bit Nails L-Hunt Gift

Ring<...:::Scrub:::... DP Cameo Ring L-Hunt Gift

Top/Shoes<alterego I rihanna -Group Gift

Pants<[R3] - Madison Capris [V2]-@ UFP-United Fashion Project!

Face<:HV: Subtle Dare [Ink] Thick-Hunt Gift

I Don't Give A Freak!!!!!!

Hair<=DeLa*= Mesh Hair "Lana"

Top<:: alterego :: too close tops + tango - blk

Skirt<[R3] Ramona Skirt [V1]-NEW

Cupcake<ESH #11 SuPerBia-Hunt Gift-NEW

Nails<[ S H O C K ] Summer Breeze Nails - Almond Series-Hunt Gift-NEW

 Eye Piercing<<-Puncture-> Eye Piercing (Studs) - All Colors

I Don't Care What People Think Of Me!!!!!

Hair<.ploom. Smash - Indecisive

Dress<[R3] Meg Dress [V1]-New

Shoes<*Patulas House Red Flor Heels*

Tattoo<[R3] Tummy Star Tattoo - One Side

MakeUp<+Nuuna+ GlamRock Makeups*

For Real!!!!!

Hair<Magika [01] Bliss

Pants<[R3] - Corinne Pants (Leopard)

Top<[R3] - Lilith Top V2 (Leopard)

Tattoo<[R3] Tummy Star Cluster Tattoo - One Side

Smexy In Red!!!!

Hair<Magika [01] Little

Top<[R3]- Alice Jacket [V2] - Red

Jeans<[R3] - Lowrise Mini (Darker)

Shoes<H.E.D. Basic Flats Black- MP

Strip For Me!!!!

Hair<[LeLutka]-ELLIE hair/Blonde Fades ROOTS

Dress<[R3] - Tyra Dress [V3]

Boots<[R3] - Micah Boots V2

Mask/Collar<[R3] - Desiree Collar White Camo [V3]

Not Holding Back!!!!!

Hair<.ploom. Marisa - Monotone

TankTop<[R3] - Anika Tanktop [ V3]

Shorts<[R3]  Blue Dat Ass Open Shorts V1 [MESH]///[R3]  Grey Dat Ass Open Shorts V1 [MESH]

Boots<[R3] - Eevie Boots [V2]

What U Going to Do About It!!!!!


Top<[R3] - Angel Hoodie [V3]

Skirt<[R3] - Sage Skirt [V3]-15 textures-NEW

Shoes<[R3] - Eevie Boots [V2]

Peace Out!!!!!!!!!


Outfit<[R3] - Heather Outfit [V3]-Comes with 15 diffrent colors-NEW


Skin<[ Al Vulo! ] - [ Tabata ] - [ -1968 Hippie bronze  ] group gift-WAS OLD GROUP GIFT THAY NO LONGER HAVE

Eye's<.ID. June Gift - Galaxy Eyes

Necklace<Dreamers Bus necklace-mp

Earrings<silver Hoop Earring-mp

Shoes<Supa Star Wedge R/Taupe Linen

Butterfly<Animated Butterfly-mp


Outfit<[R3] - Heather Outfit [V3]-Comes with 15 diffrent colors-NEW

Hair<::Exile:: Beyond the Waves: with Rigged Flowers

Shoes<Supa Star Wedge R/Taupe Linen

My Body Is Ur Party !!!!!


Dress/Shoes/Hand Bag<.::Killa DesignZ::. Roza Group Gift

Poses<:: A x i x :: Group Gift . summer free!

Blow it away!!!!!

Hair<[LeLutka]-ELLIE hair

Top<*VM* Halter Top - Grape

Skirt<[R3] - Emily Skirt [V1]

Boots<TEN"10 Megas boots

Nails<SuPerBia NaiLs *BanDs 2* PinK FuSioN

Necklace<*** Just You Jewels ***

Beautiful Get Away!!!!!!

Dress<[R3] - Lauren Dress [V2]-Comes With Color Change Hud-Also Vip Gift and also on Mp

Jewelry<**RE** LUX Celeste - Set - Gift-Mp

Mouth Piercings<.Pekka. Fidelity Piercing

Eye Piercings<<-Puncture-> Eye Piercing

Hair<[LeLutka]-ELLIE hair

Teeth<[M] Prim Teeth v2 - Colorful Braces

Don't Mess With Me!!!!

Top<[R3] - Angel Hoodie 3 [V3]-@ The Thrift Shop

Jeans<** Tyra Jeans Skinny Lowrise Washed Blue



Nails<* .:: deeR ::. *

I Adorn You!!!!!

Dress,[R3] - Audrey Dress [V2]-@ The Thrift Shop


Nails,* .:: deeR ::. *

Don't Be Mess With My Click!!!!!

Dress,[R3] - Tami Dress [V3]-@ The  Thrift Shop



Nails,* .:: deeR ::. *

Tell Me What You Need!!!

Shorts,[R3] - Niki Shorts [V2]-@ The Thrift Shop




Braking Away!!!!


Skirt,[R3] Mae Skirt [V1]-@ The Thrift Shop


Feet,*GA* Pointe Bare Feet

Necklace,HEART-S Platinum

Never Growing Up!!!!!


Top,*Epic* Hot Pink Cropped Bunneh

Skirt,*Epic* Mesh Denim Frilly Filly Skirt

Shoes,Alterego I showstoppa LE-No Longer Sold

"Na Na Na"

Tops:Alterego-Party Gift From Last Night/This Morning

Jeans: Epic



Go A Head And Work It Out

Hair:[LeLutka]-ELLIE hair/Blonde Fades ROOTS-New

Outfit:alterego I sporty-New

Shoes:alterego I showstoppa LE - splatter-New-Go Pick Ur's Up BeFor There Gone Only-23 Left out of 50

Keep On Smokin

Hair:[LeLutka]-ELLIE hair - BlondeFadeRoots

Top:{alterego} half top - {rolled}-MFH6-Has Ended

Skirt:.:cheeky:. Kathy Extreme Mini! Black Mesh

Shoes:Debrah's "Stilty" Sandals Black Xstralong Toenails

Tattoo:Letis Tattoo :: Passion :: MM931

Skin:[ Al Vulo! ] - [ Aisha ] - [ Lil choco TDR ]

Piercing:<-o{adrenaliyn}o->  AR85656-MFH6-Has Ended