The Adventures Of Kittie & Cia!

                                                            Our Dress:
                              .tsg. Denim Scrunchi Dress W/Lolas (The Boobie show)

Bracelets: *MM* Resin Bangles
Necklace: *MM* Chunky Heart Necklace (Color Change)
Hair:Magika [01] Dusty

                      Marcia *Right*<
Collar: Bowtique - Spiked Collar/Bracelet Set (Gold)
 Hair: ""D!va"" Hair "Lili" (Type B)(Onyx)
Stockings: *T.Whore*- Punk Stocking Black
 Ears: RO - KIT10 Headband - (Inworld)
Lashes: Moody FalsiesEyes: ..::Skull Candy::.. Dolly japanese eyes

Fly Away Be Free!!!!!

Hair<Exile::Desperately Wanting Blacks

Dress<.S&C. Sasha Dress - Fatpack(Come With Tango)-New

Shoes<[DDL] Never Wanted Your Love (Turquoise)

Bangles<*MM* Resin Bangles - Multiple Bangles-MP-10L's

For Your Entertainment!!!!!!!

Hair<eXxEsS : VESNA Mesh Hair

Top<[R3] - Maisie Top [V2]-NEW

Skirt<[R3] Miranda Skirt [V1]-NEW

Feet<*GA* Pointe Bare Feet - VERSION 3.0

Plugs<:Z.S: Zebra Cross Plugs

Wild Life!!!!!

Hair<TRUTH HAIR Mina -  black & whites-NEW

Dress<[R3] Sarah Dress [V1]-NEW

Shoes<.::Ceiling::. Studded High Heels Pink

Lipsstick<Plastic Co. Juicy Lips - ALL-MP

Take Me As I Am!!!!!

Hair<TRUTH HAIR Noemi - reds

Dress<[R3] - Melissa Dress [V1]-NEW

Shoes<.::Ceiling::. Studded High Heels Babyblue-MP

Nails<* .:: deeR ::. * hand set #1 female

Toy Box!!!!!!!

Hair<""D!va"" Hair "Mimi" (Type A)(Garnet)-NEW

Dress<[R3] - Melissa Dress [V2]-NEW

Shoes<.::Ceiling::. Studded High Heels Purple-MP

Lipsstick<[PF] INK Lipstick/LipGloss-MP


Hair<Exile::All Over You Ice Blondes-NEW

Top<[R3] Tina Off-Shoulder Crop [V1]-NEW

Skirt<[R3] Ginny Skirt [V1]-NEW

Tattoos<*inkies* starskulls tattoo-MP

Blame It!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hair<"LoQ Hair" BerryJuice - Jet Black-MP

Top<[R3] - Milly Top [V3]-NEW

Shorts<.S&C. My Favourite Shorts - Fatpack-NEW

Shoes<Ribbon and Rings High Heel-MP

I Like My Kiss Down Low!!!!!!

Hair<eXxEsS : VESNA Mesh Hair - Red

Dress<.S&C. Ebony & Ivory-@ Bust- 2 Dress one in black one in white-NEW-NEW ROUND FOR THIS HAS NOT STARTED YET

Pumps<.::Ceiling::. Studded High Heels Black-MP

Lipsstick< Plastic Co. Juicy Lips - ALL-MP

Ms New Booty!!!!!!

Hair<[LeLutka]-JADA hair/Blonde Fades ROOTS

Dress<[R3] - Serena Dress [V2]-NEW

Nails<GIANETTI - Nails - Glitterati - Wintergreen-MP

Shoes<.::Ceiling::. Studded High Heels Green-MP

Just Get Up And Dance!!!!

Hair<Exile::Sparkle And Fade Ice Blondes-NEW

Dress<[R3] - Melissa Dress [V3]-NEW

Shoes<alterego I showstoppa LE - hipster-SOLD OUT

Bow<Barely Legal - Mesh ZebraFades Spiked Bow Tie-NEW

Nails<* .:: deeR ::. * hand set #1 female

This Is My To U Oath!!!!!

Hair<Magika [01] Dusty-NEW

Top<[R3] Candis Knotted Tee [V1]-NEW

Skirt<[R3] Orchid Skirt [V1]-NEW

Shoes< .::Ceiling::. Studded High Heels White-MP

Pop, Lock & Drop It!!!!!!

Hair<Magika [01] Mint-NEW

Dress<[R3] Sasha Dress [V1]-NEW

Nails<* .:: deeR ::. * hand set #1 female

Eyeliner<MONS / Makeups - black eyeliner series

Shoes and Bracelets<SLX Outfit Friller

Love Me or Hate Me!!!!!!!!

Hair<[e] Mood - Firey Reds

Pierceings<<-Puncture-> Eyebrowrow Implants (spike) Anodized\<-Puncture-> Labret (spike) All Colors

Nails<[ S H O C K ] Summer Breeze Nails - Almond Series [Wear]

Top<[R3] - Maisie Top [V3]-NEW

Skirt<[R3] - Lowrise Mini (Medium)

Pumps< .::Ceiling::. Studded High Heels Pink&Babyblue-ON MP FOR 5L'S

Chains And Whips Excite Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hair<=DeLa*= Mesh Hair "Mango" Blacks and White
Bottom & Top<[R3] Rose Chained Set [V1]-New

Shape< MY OWN




U Need To Check Ur Self !!!!!!!!!

Hair</Wasabi Pills/ Momo Mesh Hair - Blacks Pack

Top<OUTRAGE{RL} // PINK FUSION - exclusive [BOXED]

Pants<[R3] - Dan Cargo Pants [V3]-NEW

Shoes<2REAL PURE (Boxed)

Nails<[ S H O C K ] FEVER Nails XXL - Group Gift  [Wear to unpack]-OLD GROUP GIFT

You Could Not Handle Me!!!!!!

Hair<[e] Interrupt - Midnight Blacks

Top<[R3] Brooke Chained Top [V1]-NEW

Underwear<[R3] Foxy Love Panties [V1]-NEW

Shoes<dl:: Spiked Platform Boots (mesh)

Mouth<dl:: Mouth Razor

Nails<dl:: Punk Perfect Hands (size 10)

What U Waiting For!!!!!!

Hair<[e] Conclusion - Firey Reds

Horns<-+CuteSh!t+- // Demon Horns 1

Legs<[R3] - April Warmers [V3]-NEW

Underwear<[R3] - Daria Panties [V3]-NEW

Shoes<H.E.D. Basic Flats Black

Tops<:LULLABABY: THE PRITTY TOP/L.EX black raised top[both on mp for 1L]

ForGet Me Not!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hair<Magika Hair // Andarial

Top<:hf: // "stash" crop-NEW-FREE

Skirt<[R3] - Leah Skirt [V3]

Legs<[R3] April Warmers [V1]-NEW

Feet<*GA* Pointe Bare Feet - VERSION 3.0

Glasses<[sugar buzz] FAT PACK stache glasses(10L's on mp)

Tell Me Something I Don't Know !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hair<Exile::Celebrity Skin Blacks

Top<alterego I half tee - talknerdy

Panties<[R3] Daria Panties [V1]-NEW

Boots<TEN"10 Megas boots  white



lips<ESH #54 Pink Acid-Hunt Gift

glasses<***Arisaris Glasses Colors and Flowers-MP

Tanktop<[R3] - Anika Tanktop V2 (Solids)

Shorts< [R3] - Brian Cargo Shorts [V3]-NEW-Guys

Shoes<{ae} showstoppa - valentines specials-NOT SOLD

Yet So Faraway But Yet So Close!!!

Hair<Magika [01] Early

Lips<- Nemezi - Glossy Red (Teeth)-MP

Hoodie<[UI] Comme des fuck down unisex hoodie-New

Ears<[Outspoken] Elven ears-Mp

Glasses<*Epic* -Mesh- Swag Dollarbie!-Old

Jeans<*Epic* Sho-low Faun Baggy Bell Bottoms [Ripped] {D.Blue} [x179]

Cant Hold Me Back!!!!

Hair<Magika [01] Plenty

Lips<.:Rave Nation:. Chola Lips (( RED ))

Dress<[R3] Serena Dress [V1]-NEW

Nails<+:+WTG+:+ **C+@** nail-female

Shoes<[Cliche] Citta Stiletto (all black)*-MP



Outfit<[R3] - Julia Harness [V3]-NEW

Pasties<:: alterego :: /came with the show off - medium grey-outfit

Whip<Girl's Whip-Mp-Free

Boots<(R E D) Boots v3-Mp-Free

Tattoo<Letis Tattoo :: Passion :: MM931

High School!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Glasses<AXL Pro - FASHION l Executive Glasses - Group Gift -old

Snake bites<[ni.Ju] Snake Bites - Simple V2-If not the right LM look on Mp

Tattoos<*inkies* starskulls tattoo

Top<-SU!- Kaylen T-Shirt FatPack (15 Colors/2 options)

Skirt<[R3] Akali Skirt [V1]-NEW

Shoes<SimpleCandy - Mesh Aria Legwarmers & Sneakers [PUNK]

Nails<[ S H O C K ] Get Drunk Nails XXL - Group Gift-NEW

Sweat It Out!!!

Hair<RAW HOUSE :: Hilton-dont got lm look on mp

SwimWear<{alterego} toxx's string bikini - top - v2 - cheetahpink//{alterego} toxx's string bikini - bottoms - v2 cheetahpink

Tattoo<*inkies* starskulls tattoo

LipGlosses<{D.A} Doll Gloss Natural A-dont got lm look on mp

POSE<::Axix:: summer (SBF EXCLUSIVE)-NEW-8-poses


What Kittie Has On<


Top<.:Titzuki:. Black tank

Skirt<[R3] - Diana Skirt V1

Cuffs<[R3] - Jade Cuffs  [V1]

Nails<...:::Scrub:::... Bit Nails-Hunt Gift

Rings<...:::Scrub:::... DP Cameo Ring-Hunt Gift

Boots<[R3] - Eevie Boots [V2]

Tattoo<- BlackFeet - Time Out

What Skully Has On<

Top<Swaggy Jacket yellow simple

Bottoms<Apple may-Lowrise

Shoes<Kapone-Noreaga bgold

POSE BY <::Axix:: Ice Cream! (SBF FREE)-NEW

Fame Is Hard!!!!!!!

Deer<+Half-Deer+ Eternum Antlers (Black Gold Studded) [box]-Dont Got New Lm

Hair<.ploom. Penny - Monotone

Glasses<*Epic * Mesh Kawaii You're a Star Sunglasses!-Hunt Gift

Top<FUSED Designs Ladies Mesh Crossbones Tee-MP-Free

Pants<[R3] - Cas Leggings [V3]-New @ She & Him

Feet<*GA* Pointe Bare Feet - VERSION 3.0

Bloody Lip<+REDRUM+ A Little Blood on Lips-MP

U Da Boss!!!!!

Hair<::Exile:: Darling Nikki:Cayenne

Dress<[R3] - Ellie Dress [V3]-New @ She & Him-Opened To Day

Boots<TEN"10 Megas boots  white

Earrings<<<BB>> 69 Earrings

Ur Full Of It!!!!!

Hair<[LeLutka]-BOUFFANT hair/Dark Grayscale

Skin<7 Deadly s{K}ins - Lotus Skin-NEW

Outfit<alterego I katey-Group Gift-New

Play Ur Part!!!!!!!

Skin<7 Deadly s{K}ins - Nikki Sunkissed&7 Deadly s{K}ins - Nikki Sunkissed-NEW

Outfit<alterego I nicki-Group Gift -NEW

How Deep Does Ur Love Go!!!

Hair<[LeLutka]-CANTO hair/Naturals

Skin<7 Deadly s{K}ins - Anna- [She&Him]-July 5th-New

Outfit<alterego I kesha-Group Gift-NEW

Free Me From Here!!!!

Skins<{7DS} Vanity Box4 Skintone1,2,3,4-NEW

Hair<Magika- Now

OutFit<{alterego} atomic1

Shape<{7DS} Vanity Shape-NEW