Bring On 2015 !!!

Hair<.Olive. the Rachel Hair VIP GROUP GIFT

Top<[R3] - Vexa Shirt [V2]

Face Tattoo<.HW. Face Art//4 -Face Tattoo@CarnEvil

Nose Ring<.HW. Moon Ring - Septum Piercing@CarnEvil

Pants<:PC: Romilly Pants

Skin<7 Deadly s{K}ins - Patience Christmas v3 cleavage-Hunt Gift

Platforms<.HW. Isidora - Platforms (black)@CarnEvil

Brows<.LXB. - Striking Brows Brown-Mp

Boom Boom Bang !!!

Hair<.Olive. the Rachel Hair - HUD 2

Top<L'Armoire ll: Sally Top / Black

Shorts<.Renegade. Demin Shorts w/ Belt

Skin<.::WoW Skins::. Niani skin & shape


Shoes<EMPORIUM - Sally Heels-Mp

Nose Ring<.ARISE. Warrior Septum / Black

Necklace<Ariskea Group v.i.p Gifts(old group gift)

Eyes<.ID. City Lights / Hazel

Lips<[PF] Glossy Pout Lipsticks <Pinks>

Marry Chrismas !!!

Hair<NEW TRUTH 19 December (& Holiday Gift)

Skin<7 Deadly s{K}ins - AISHA v2@Designer Circle

Dress<[Cynful] She Bad Sequin - Classic Holiday

Bangle<LW_ 3 Lilies Mesh Bracelet Right - Gold Red-Mp

Shoes<Diva's Courtney High Heel Pumps Red-Mp

Shape< My Own Not For Sale.

All Red Every Thing !!!

Hair<.Olive. the Mir Hair - J Rabbit

Shape<Pure Candy Shapes- Alice Shape-New (MAYED BY ME)

Dress<:PC: Delphine Dress-New

Bangle<C h a r y . - Nevermore Cuff - 1 Semi RARE

Shoes<SHEY Shivani Stilettos with/without Barrel-Mp

Skin<Glam Affair - Lauren - America - 07

I Hiding In The Dark !!!

Hair<MINA - Femke - Essentials

HeadBand<.HW. Artic Princess -Headband-New@Winter Trend

Collar<.HW. Neve -Choker- (ice)-New@Winter Trend

Shirt<[R3] - Silvia Double Shirt [V2]

Leggings<[whatever] High Leggings - black@BIG SHOW

Shoulders<::Axix::SavelShoulders -New@Tales Of Fantasy

Be True To Ur Self !!!

Hair<Magika [01] Meadow

Outfit<[Cynful] Ultschfit - White-New@Winter Trend 2014!( North)(South)

Shape< My Own Work Not Yet For Sale

Nails<[ S H O C K ] Slink Be Fluo Nails-New


Earrings & Necklace<The-N Jewelry Diamond lizard-Mp

Eyes< IKON Hope Eyes - Paradise

Got It Going On!!!

Hair<little bones. Lovestruck - GIFT

Nails<[ S H O C K ] Slink Be Fluo Nails-New

Bangles<BB - Anabelle Bangles (Free)-Mp

Leggings<L!KE - My Comfy Leggings [BARBIE]@::Suicide Dollz:: - Anniversary 

Shoes<[R3] - Imogen Sandals [V2]

Vest<[Cynful] Furreal Vest - Black@The Dressing Room Fusion

Eyes<IKON Hope Eyes - Sapphire

Sorry it taken me for ever u all to do a blog post i just had a real life birthday Dec 8th  and  had got up in all of the partying and stuff xD but now i am back and here is some more great stuff for u lady's to pick up and happy shopping!!

Nothing To Lose!!!

Hair<[e] Bevin - Essentials

Skin<7 Deadly s{K}ins - EvelienV1

Dress<[Cynful] Cardigan Dress - Grey

Snake Bites<[ni.Ju] Snake Bites - Simple V2-MP


Legs<[R3] - Sandra Leg Warmers [V3]

Ring<*AvaWay* Ring # 4 Promo Jewelry-MP

Something Good!!!

Hair<TRUTH HAIR Ambrosia -  reds(On Sale)

Lips<L!KE - Tasty Tasty Lip Balm [PACK2]-New@Suicide Dollz

Jewelry Set<:*:CPD:*: Holiday Set 2012-Mp

Top<[R3] - Farran Shirt [V2]-New

Pants<[Cynful] Tweed Pants - Black-New@Coming Soon-The Big Show

Shoes<REIGN.- Glitter Pumps- Crimson

Skin<Glam Affair - Lauren - America - 07

Take My Breath Away!!!

Hair<TRUTH HAIR Vivi -  reds@Uber

Choker<.HW. Willow -Choker-New@Suicide Dollz

Eye's<IKON Hope Eyes - Paradise-New

Lip's<L!KE - Tasty Tasty Lip Balm [PACK1]-New@Suicide Dollz

Nose<.DirtyStories. Heart Nose Piercing *GROUP GIFT*-New@Suicide Dollz

Top<-SU!- Sick Days Sweatshirt #03

Skirt<IAF Denim Mini Skirt (Black)

Tight's<-SU!- Lady Rebel Nylon Tights #08


Shape<My Own Don't Ask

Nails<-UtopiaH- My Handy Fady Claws AddOn


Hair<*Milk* Hair~Chatterbox-Group Gift

Skin<7 Deadly s{K}ins - 7 Deadly s{K}ins - DC Sakura V1-New

Top/jacket<[R3] - Amy Cardigan [V3]-New

Pants<:: GLACE PEARLS :: Everyday Skinny Mesh Jeans LIGHTBLUE-Mp

Shoes<REZ*Bens Boutique - Miley Satraps Heels All colors (SlinkHigh)-Mp

No Head Game's!!


 Lip Stick<[PF] Essential Lipsticks - <Red>

Necklace<Ariskea Group v.i.p Gifts-New

Dress<[Cynful] Merc's Leather-Sleeve Dress - DarkSlateGrey-New@TDRF

Shoe's<REIGN.- Buckled Pumps- Black/Crimson Strap

Cozy Winter Night!

Hair<[e] Gia - Essentials

Crown<{.::GFD::.} ~ {Essential} Headpiece

Sweater<[R3] - Nahla Sweater [V2]-New

Back Cross<.HW. Kane -Back Dermals- [cross]-New@Suicide Dollz

Legging's<[R3] - Kira Leggings [V2]-New

Shoe's<[L.Warwick] Miranda -High Platform Wedge- Coppertop-Free

Night Out!!!

Hair<CATWA HAIR Coco [B]

Skin<7 Deadly s{K}ins - Thanks Giving skins-New

Nails<[ S H O C K ] Slink Lace Obsession Nails

Top<.:PC:. Suellen Tank Top

Jeans<[R3] - Trinity Jeans [V2]

Shoes<:PC: Sylvee Heels-Newis

Round & Round!!!

Hair<[e] Jordyn - Essentials

Skin<Glam Affair - Lauren - America - 07@Collabor88

Brow<.LXB. - Elusive Brows FatPack-Mp

Piercing<ESH #10 Hebenon Vial

Lashes<*MC* "Falsies" Mesh Alpha Lashes with HUD - Pack1

Top<[R3] - Dayna Hoodie [V2]-New

Boots<[R3] - Danielle Boots [V2]-New

Love Never Felt So Good!!!

Hair<=DeLa*= Mesh Hair "Dina" Reds-New

Top<[Cynful] On Point Top - black

Skin<Glam Affair - Lauren - America - 07-New@Collabor88

Pants<[Cynful] Leggings Mad Pea Edition-Hunt

Shoes<JD - Decimation Black

Couple Pose<CnS e-motion-Hunt


Hair<[e] Luisa - Brunettes-New

Sweater<:FY: Frumpy Sweater (pack two)-New

Pants<[QE] Backstage Pants /Coal/

Ring<[geek.] Rock-a-Knucks -ROYAL PAK

Leg Tattoo<.DirtyStories.Crowns Tattoo-Group Gift

Brows<.LXB. - Striking Brows Brown-Mp

Nails<*MC* Slink Avatar Enhancement Nails - Lustrous Set

Shoes<:PC: Sylvee Heels-New

Night Out!!!

Hair<TRUTH HAIR Feronia -  light blondes

Skin<7 Deadly s{K}ins - BLACKdot HALO v1-New@The Black Dot Project Event

Dress<[R3] - Roselyn Dress [V1]-New

Nails<beauty by alaskametro<3 Slink manicure/pedicure - "Candy Apple"-Mp


Never Let Me Fall!!!

Hair<.ploom. Mystic - Monotone-New@Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Skin<7 Deadly s{K}ins - DS LILY v1-New @ Designer Showcase

Nails<Shady Ladies- Sailor Jerry SLink Nails-Mp

Top<[R3] - Adriana Top [V1]-New

Skirt<CelestialBlue - DoubleLayered - Denim-Mp

Boots<[R3] - Danielle Boots [V1]-New

Let Me In!!!

Hair<.ploom. Mystic V2 - Indecisive RARE-New@Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Jacket<[Cynful] Cardigan - Blue-New@[TBS Nov 14]

Under Top<[Cynful] On Point Top-New@[TBS Nov 14]

Skirt<Blueberry Alice *Mesh* Outfit Pink

Leggings<CelestialBlue - Leggings - Striped Groovy-Mp

Boots<[R3] - Danielle Boots [V3]-New

I Want To Feel You!!!

Hair<+Spellbound+ Bramble // Blondes@Sas November

Top<Apple May Designs - Tigress Sliced Tops - Black

Armour<[R3] - Steampunk Armour (Female) [V1]-New@ TMD [starts on the 5th.]

Tattoo & Dermal<.HW. Golgatha - Chest Tattoo & Dermal-New@Suicide Dollz

Jeans<[Cynful] Eve Britches - Aubergine-New@TDRF [opends the 14th]

Boots<REIGN.- Fiona Boots- Black

Shape< My Own Not For Sale

Fly Away!!!

Hair<[e] Marnie - Blondes-New

Jacket & Top<[Foxes] - Aviator Jacket - Black@n21

Chest  Chain<.HW. Selene - Pentagram Dermal Chains -

Wings<[ S H O C K ] Wings of Darkness-New@Kawaii vs Creepy

Skin<7 Deadly s{K}ins - Felicity Pink Faun

Brow<Soiree - Brows / Sloane-Mp

 Jeans<[Cynful] Tweed Pants - Slate Blue-New@The Sad November Fair(Open's November 1st!)

Shoes<:PC: Alyx High Heels-New

I Can Fill U Watching Me!!

Hair<Truth Hair

Funny Octopus<[ S H O C K ] Funny Octopus Gacha-New@Kawaii vs Creepy

Face Piercing<.HW. Halloween Black Out Event(Dont have lm to this event)

Skirt<:PC: Corinne Mini Skirt

Top<My Own Not For Sale

Jacket<ISON - kimono sleeve cardigan (black) v2

Boots<REIGN.- Not Your Momma's Knit Boots-New-Group Gift

Classy Lady!!!

Hair<little bones. Dark Chapel - GIFT

Eyes<.ID. Moody Vamp / Wispy Aqua

Necklace<:Hebenon Vial: Clockwork Collar [Burlesque] v1.0

Earrings<:Hebenon Vial: Skeleton Key Earrings [Burlesque] v1.0

Dress<[Cynful] Society Dress - Mint-New@The Dressing Room

Shoes<Pure Poison - Zodiac Sandals - Sagitarius

Here are some more lovely stuff for u to go pick up lady's the earrings and necklace u can no longer find it is a old and i just believe it goes good with this dress its so cute i hope all u lady's love  every thing here as much as i do smiles  and i just love Cynful clothing all of there stuff that they make is so classy and sexy at the same time and oh yeah there are also more zodiac sandals i just got the Sagittarius because that is my birth month in rl :) well happy shopping lady's!!!!

Muertos(Day Of The Dead)!!!

Hair<little bones. Feline - FULL GIFT

Top<[Cynful] Tittie Top - Black-New@TBS

Pants<:PC: Open Mouth Urban Pants

Headband<::Axix:: Macabria Hairband-New@Bloody Horror

Smoke<[NikotiN]    Joint_Weed_V4

Skin<** [PUMEC]  - .:VLADA:. - GIFT **

Shoes< !(HR 3.0)! Star Scraper Platforms (Bubble Gum)@Fi Friday

Live Ur Life As U Want To!!!

Hair<""D!va"" Hair "Nicole" (Black amber)

Top<[Cynful] Casual Tube Top - Leather / Black@TBS

Pants<.: SMC :. Dark Ripped Jeans

Shoes<*Reign.- MaryJanes- Lace- Rare

Ears<AITUI - Ear System: Gen 4, ACRYL*IMALS - Grey Kitty

Ring<REIGN.- Chamber Rings- Raven (GOLD) RARE 2

Dog<Alchemy/Birdy - Chi Chi Chihuahua - [box] RARE


Hair<.b -apple moustache  - blacks

Dress<[Cynful] She Bad Denim - Cream-New@The Dressing Room Fusion

Nails<*MC* Slink Avatar Enhancement Nails - Lovely Solids Set

Bangles & Rings<:: No Cabide :: Mesh Bracelet & Ring_ Jewelry Set WHITE

Heels<[R3] - Bonnie Heels [V3]-New@Vintage and Cool Fair

Necklace<Pepe l Gold String Necklace (Dollarbie!)-Mp

Boobie Tattoo<-UtopiaH- Fallen Wings Tattoo

Lip Gloss<[PF] Glossy Pout Lipsticks <Pinks>

Spoiled Rotten!!!

Hair & Horns<TRUTH HAIR Neria -  light blondes-New@Mystic Realms Faire II

Dress<[Cynful] Vintage Bow Dress - White-New@Vintage & Cool Fair

Shoes<:PC: Ginna Heels-New

Head<{.::GFD::.} ~ Mystic Star Headpiece Set 1&2-New@Mystic Realms FairII

Brows<Soiree - Brows / Sloane-Mp

Boobie's<Lolas Tango ::: Delicq :::

Pose<::Axix:: venus 6

It's About That Time!!

Hair<little bones. Two Weeks no. 1 - DipDye&Fades

Skin<7 Deadly s{K}ins - HALLOWEEN girls V1& V2-New

Eye's<+ Nightmare Eyes +-Free@Aii

Lips Gloss<[PF] Essential Lipsticks - <Red>

Lips Smile<+ Mouth Stitching +-Free@Aii

Head<::Axix:: Anivia Face Chains-New@Tales of Fantasy!Starts 13th Oct.!


Shoe's<:PC: Mary Heels-New

Love Rock's!!!

Hair<~Tableau Vivant~ Sample hair - FatPack-New(Group Gift)

Top<alterego I love tiny tank-New(Hunt Gift)

Necklace<::Axix:: Marimba Collar-New@Mystic Realms

Nails<[ S H O C K ] Slink Wild Soul Nails-New@The Body Mod EXPO

Face<.HW. Female FPC Rare-New@Halloween Black Out Event(UpComing Event)

Skin<7 Deadly s{K}ins - MORANE V1 ULTRA RARE-New@Sex Sells Gacha

Head<.HW. Thana -Headpiece-New@The Body Mod EXPO

Jeans<[R3] - Trinity Jeans [V2]-New@Vintage and Cool Fair


(Oh yeah also the brows i do have on dont come with skin they are my every day brows)

Yummy Sugar!!!

Hair<MOON{Hair}. 21 Hours - Naturals 2@21

Top<[ abrasive ] Caution Zombie Sweatshirt-Hunt Gift

Skirt<*Epic* Mesh Denim Frilly Filly Skirt {Vintage}

Legs<-SU!- Gartered Legs-GROUP GIFT

Boots<* .:: deeR ::. * MESH higher combat boots [Promo-Pack]

Chair<::Axix:: CupcakeChair Strawberry [Choco]-New@CANDY FAIR 2014

Mushroom<::Axix:: Sugar Sweet Mushroom Purple-New@CANDY FAIR 2014

Sheep #1<::Axix:: Sugar Cotton Sheep Blue RARE-New@CANDY FAIR 2014

Sheep #2<::Axix:: Sugar Cotton Sheep Pink RARE-New@CANDY FAIR 2014

Bag<ANE Apocalyptic Bag ZOMBIES (3 sizes, Rigged)

Here is some things for  a gatcha @ candy fair yummy well good luck lady's and happy shopping :3!!!


Hair<little bones. Spook Sister - B&W

Outfit & Shoes<:PC: Outfit Delirious@OMG(my not be at omg still)

Face<+Nuuna+ makeups v12 female

Brows<.LXB. - Vixen Brows Fatpack-Mp

Shape<My Own

Omg Who Is That Chick!!!

Hair<MOON{Hair}. Ninth Ave Reverie

Oufit&Shoes<BLINDED Twinkle Jumper Outfit@OMG

Necklace & Bag<*Epic* Melty Heart.Lock-Hunt Gift

Ring<MoDANNA [The Bling Hunt] Golden Lolly Ring

Pig<Schadenfreude Dire Piggie Wiggie of Dread Portent

Leg<.DirtyStories. Black Devil Cigarettes Legband

It's In The Star's!!!

Hair<+Spellbound+ Ellie // Blondes

Dress<MOoH! Orchid bow dress-New@OMG

Necklace<POMPOSITY - Hollow Diamond Necklace

Skin<7 Deadly s{K}ins - Patience Cotton Candy BOX 5

Shoes<[Renegade] Taylor - Clear / Black

Eyes<[Buzz] Voodoo Eyes - Siren

Bang Bang!!!

Hair<[e] Changes - Black 04

Outfit&Boots<[ Cavallera Fashion ] OMG - Free-NEW (Coming To Omg Tomorrow)



Shape< My Own

Pose<::Axix:: Modette-New(There Are 8 Poses)

Fighting The Night!!!

Hair<little bones. Two Weeks no. 2 - Blondes

Outfit<:PC: Outfit Renegade In Black-New-Coming To Omg On The 26th


Face<+Nuuna+ makeups v12 female

Smoke<[NikotiN]    Vapor_BETA(May Not Be For Sale No More)

Pose<::Axix:: Modette-New

Shape<My Own

Rainy Day!!!

Hair<little bones. Two Weeks no. 2 - Blondes

Dress<Cheeky Chibi Fall is here-New-Coming To Omg On The 26th

Horns<.ARISE. Cut Horns / Obsidian

Feet<Slink AvEnhance Feet Female Mid

Pose<Fetching Poses Store(7 Poses)-New-Coming To Omg On The 26th

Happy Happy Happy!!!

Hair<little bones. Stardust - Browns

Dress<_CandyDoll_ Twist Dress/Corstet/Belt@Uber

Eyes<{Dead Apples} Striking Eyes - Ice

Lips<[PF] Essential Lipsticks - <Red>

Socks<_CandyDoll_ Twist Socks Black@Uber

Bag<ANE Apocalyptic Bag ZOMBIES (3 sizes, Rigged)@Uber


Boots<_CandyDoll_ Punisher Boots - Black

Brows<.LXB. - Vixen Brows Fatpack-Mp

Necklace<alterego I tnb necklace *add*


Here is some goodies i want to pick up today i just wanted to share with u all what i found giggles ok so go pink all this up lady's it is a good look we'll i think it is lol ok i will let u lady's get to shopping !! HAPPY SHOPPING!!!

Eye Candy!!!

Hair<little bones. Stardust - DipDye&Fades

Dress<clusterphuk I scrunchy-New

Necklace<alterego I tnb necklace *add*


Wedding Ring<Exquisite Love's Blush Wedding Ring Gift Box

Shoes<alterego I queenpin wedges - black

Smoke<[NikotiN]    PIXEL VIRGIN  RARE


Hair<little bones. Hurt - GIFT

Top<-A- Short and fun Crop-New-MP

Lips<-A- Amore Lipstick Fatpack-New-Mp

Nails<[ S H O C K ] Slink Striping Tapes Nails@The SWAG fest 2

Pants<[ abrasive ] HW Fit Leggings - Torn

Shoes<alterego I queeny sneaks - blk@Young Spirit

Think Pink!!!

Hair<ILLMATIC :: Frenchie - Noir

Top<-A- Drop it Like a Squat Crop-New-Mp

Lip's<-A- Amore Lipstick Fatpack-New-Mp

Jean's<. So-Hai . Pistola Jeans Original@The SWAG Fest 2

Shoe's<FLite. Skywalker Pink

Skin<7 Deadly s{K}ins - Wendy V1-New

Necklace & Rings<MG - Necklace - Silver Drop Pendant - Pink Agate-Mp


Hair<*Soonsiki~ After School *Blacks*

Top<[R3] - Kanessa Top [V2]

Pants<.iRetro. HW Jeans (snake)

Bag<.tsg. Gigi Bag - Black@The Arcade Gacha 

Boots<N00065 - Shoes-Mp

Mask<::Axix:: WhereYouComeFrom-New@Fantasy Room

Here is some more goodies for u lady's to go pick up smiles  i just love all of this things
so HAPPY SHOPPING lady's :3!!!!!

Rocking Out With My Babe!!!

Hair<Truth Hair

Top<[R3] - Tavi Shirt [V2]-New

Pants & Boots<*D.B* All Of Me-Mp

Mask<Skull Bandana


Cherry On Top!!!

Hair<TRUTH HAIR Posy -  browns

Dress<CCC-Sugar Rush Dress-New@Omg Room

Shoes<REIGN.- Allure Heels- Bubblegum

Necklace<Mg - Necklace - My Dear Heart - Short

Ring<MG - Ring - My Dear Heart - R

Love Me For Who I Am!!!

Hair<TRUTH HAIR Posy -  browns-New

Dress<[ToO CleAn] Sexy OFFWhite BackOut Dress-New@Omg Room

Eyes<{Dead Apples} Striking Eyes - Ice

Tattoo<. inhale . His & Hers #Back {rez}

Heels<EMPORIUM - Hynde Shoes-New@Omg Room

Are Love Never Die's!!!

Hair<ILLMATIC :: Frenchie - Noir

Dress<...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::... Forgotten Soul

Tattoo<-UtopiaH- Haunted Tattoo & SLink Hand Appliers

Heels<REIGN.- Allure Heels- Black

Eyes<[Buzz] Voodoo Eyes - Nebula

in this post my hubby helped me out with :3 dont he just look so cute and oh yeah ladys go pick up this goods :3 and happy shopping!!!

Just A Dream!!!

Hair<Exile::Dancing on my own 6. Dark Blonde-New

Outfit & Shoes<:PC: Full Outfit Lost in Black-New@Omg Room

Eyes<[Buzz] Voodoo Eyes - Nebula

Shape<Mine Not For Sale

Skin<*(rehab.) - Lily - Caramel Pack-MP

Headband<[R3] - Wendy Headband [V3]

Pose<BellePoses - Evan@Omg Room

Just Fails Right!!!

Hair<+Spellbound+ Nahara // Boobs - Natural Selection

Dress<Lushish Catz -Queen - Mesh long T dress-New@Omg Room

Shoes<Miss LT OMG Abixa mesh heels  slink High feet - red-New@Omg Room


Tattoo<-UtopiaH- Haunted Tattoo & SLink Hand Appliers

Here Is Some More Goodie's That Are Going To Be @ OMG ROOM :) Better Go Pick Them Up Lady's Why They Are Hot And New :) * Winks* Ok So Happy Shopping Lady's!!!!

Far Out!!!

Hair<TRUTH HAIR- Nissa

Top<NS::  Hipster Crop Top (HUD)-New@OMG ROOM

Jeans<AVISAGE -  Skinny Boo Jeans   - Light Blue

Boots<REIGN.- Rebel Heels- Black

Tattoo<.Reckless. - Hide and Seek

Pose<Verocity - Brandi Pose Set-New@OMG ROOM

Here Is Some More Goodie Coming  To Omg Room Happy Shopping Lady's :)) Oh Yeah U All Better Go Get This Things I Have Blogged Here Because They Are All Far Out *Giggles*!!